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Anna Morgunenko
Skype Russian language teacher


General/Basic Russian,
Conversational Russian,
Russian for travelers.

Professional Russian language skype teacher

Joined skypeLearn: 15 / 10 / 2015


Skype teacher: Anna Morgunenko

Language: Russian

Language speciality:
Teaches Russian

Nationality: Ukranian - Russian

Russian lessons via Skype cost :
10 to 15 Euros per lesson


Dear fans of Russian language,

my name is Anna Morgunenko and I am a Russian language teacher via Skype.

I have been teaching Russian via Skype to foreign students for 11 years (since 2004).

I offer Russian individual lessons. There is nothing like actually speaking the language with a native when it comes to building your confidence in speaking Russian.

I use a balanced approach, combining grammar with communicative activities.

During our lessons we have live dialogues and discuss all topics the student is interested in.
After each lesson I send by e-mail a plan for the next lesson or the homework.

If you take my lessons, you do not need to buy any books since I will provide you with all materials step by step as we move on.

My lessons help people to enhance their speaking skills.

Please, visit my web site:

Please, contact me and I look forward
to our future lessons.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Contact: Annamor@list.ru