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Crisitna Perisci
Skype Italian language teacher


General Italian,
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Professional Italianlanguage skype teacher

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Skype teacher: Cristina Perisci

Language: Italian

Language speciality:
Teaches Italian
and speaks English, Russian, and German

[ also teaches Russian ]

Nationality: Italian

English lessons via Skype cost :
10 Euro per lesson


Hello everyone I am Cristina.

Italian teacher available for repetitions and help for students from primary school to University and self-taught students who need to practice and improve their language skills with a native teacher.

Graduated in linguistic and cultural mediation and specialized in teaching Italian and Russian language, I offer online lessons on language subjects and texts translations.

Also available for homework and after-school help.

Hallo, ich bin Christina. Ich bin ein erfahrener Lehrer.
Ich spreche auch Russisch, Deutsch und Englisch.
Für Sie habe ich konstruktive und Spaß Kurse.

Привет всем Я Кристина. Я опытный учитель.
Я также говорю на русском, немецком и английском языках.
Для вас у меня есть конструктивные и забавные курсы.

Contact: per_cristi@hotmail.it