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Skype teacher: Ebru

Language: English

Language speciality:
Teaches beginner, pre-intermediate and intermediate English

English lessons via Skype cost :
10 Euro, 13 US dollars, 8 UK Pounds - per hour

Hello! All English Learners From All Over the World! :)

I am a native Turkish speaker and also a certificated English teacher. I have worked as an English teacher for various language teaching organizations and I have been teaching English online and face to face atall levels for more than nıne years.

I have always been fond of interacting with different people and discovering all the cultures in the world. Therefore my decision to continue my journey as a lifelong "LEARNER" caused me to become the "EDUCATOR" that I used to dream abot.
I have a lot of experience teaching English online. Having booked more than 1200 hours of online English lessons, I have perfected my teaching method of recreating the intimacy and efficacy of personal tutoring online. A teacher who is equipped with IELTS and TESOL certifications, brings you over nine years experience teaching English.


1-) What I really care about the lessons is the FLEXIBILITY in the teaching plan and the level of INTERACTION during the lessons, which must never be boring. I immediately adapt to students' level in the first lessons and consistently analyze achievements throughout the whole lessons.

2-) I always aim to create a COMFORTABLE atmosphere where the students are encouraged to use daily, survival language phrases. Students acquire the critical vocabulary and grammar usage rules through the communicative and dynamic question/answer approach.

3-) LISTENING and SPEAKING are the most important skills throughout the lessons and therefore I always try to make the students speak in English asking short, easy and encouraging questions that lead them to speak intuitively.

4-) I provide all the materials including digital language books in pdf format and audio materials in mp3 format before the lessons. I always plan homework activities in order to keep students' english alive.

Contact: ebruhckly2136@yahoo.com