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English skype teacher

English Skype teacher

All levels of English

Joined skypeLearn: 15 - 03 -2016


Skype teacher: Fran

Language: English - Also teaches French

Language speciality:
English at all levels

Nationality: French living in Scotland

English lessons via Skype cost per hour:
English lessons via Skype cost per hour: 
15 Pounds [sterling]

Individual lessons: £15, small groups: £10/person. A group can be parent(s) and children.

I am a semi-retired French academic, specialised in British literature. I have been teaching at all levels, from nursery school to university, for the past 40 years.

I teach English via skype at any time convenient for you (depending on the time difference, of course). 

My students are given Word/Pdf files, images and links to practise the language. I make my students share my passion for learning, languages in particular. Learning another language is fun! My students play games, read texts, watch video clips, listen to audio recordings, but above all... they speak!

More details on my Facebook page (Fran's French Tutoring) or on my website www.snab-online.co.uk. See you soon!



Contact: fran@snab-online.co.uk