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Glynis Nunez
Skype English language teacher



Professional English language skype teacher

Joined skypeLearn: 14 / 01 / 2015


Skype teacher: Glynis Nunez

Language: English
[ also speaks Spanish ]

Language speciality:
English y un poco de espanol

Nationality: United States

English lessons via Skype cost : 10 U.S dollars
per 45 minute session


English is my primary language, although yo hablo un poco de espanol y estoy aprendiendo mas cada dia. Although I have several years experience teaching in a corporate setting and more than 10 years teaching the Bible, I am new to teaching English. 

Free 15 minute initial consultation with prospective students to understand his/her needs  and create study plan and new students will receive 1 free lesson.

We will be using the New English File books, published by Oxford University Press, which should be available in a bookstore near you. Please wait until after our initial consultation before purchasing any books. 

Although the books occasionally refer to grammar, our focus will be on speaking the language as an American and not on rules of grammar.

Payment method: Students can pay via paypal or credit card

Contact: glynisnunez@outlook.com