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Johan Reimi
Skype English language teacher


English from beginner to Advanced English

Professional English language skype teacher

Joined skypeLearn: 21 / 07 / 2014


Skype teacher: Johan Raimi

Language: English
[ also speaks Swedish ]

Language speciality:
English from beginner to Advanced English

Nationality: Swedish

English lessons via Skype cost : Euro 12
Skype leassons will be 45 min. to 1h.
depending on students time and need.

Hi there my name is Johan and I was born
in Sweden but am now living in Istanbul.

I have a deep understanding for cultural differences
and think that it can be helpful in my way of teaching.

I will be focusing on grammar, speaking / writing and pronouncation.
Also I will help you prepare for tests such as IOTEFL.

I hope you will find me fun and inovative to learn well
due to my young age and a different life experience.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you and help you all. 

Students receive most teaching material in PDF format,
or we use accessible student's books such as
New English File.

I also offer the first 40 min. lesson for free
to prospecting students, no obligations.

I'm looking forward to meeting you, so please
feel free to contact me.

Best regards, Johan


Payment method :


Contact: jreimi@Hotmail.com