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skype English teacher

All levels English
also English colloquialism
and culture

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Skype teacher: Nadia

Language: English

Language speciality:
Teaches all levels of English,
also English colloquialism and culture

Nationality: British

English lessons via Skype cost per hour:
£12 per hour for individual session
£6 per person for Skype group session
£100 for a block of 10 lessons for individual lessons
£50 for a block of 10 lessons for group lessons


Hi everyone!
My name is Nadia and I am an experienced Muslim
female English tutor, TEFL trained (150 hours). 

I am available to tutor individually or in a group setting.
Ideally I would love to reach an audience of women who prefer a female tutor only.

I have been living in the Uk for over 20 years and am very accustomed with not only the proper grammatical English but also the colloquialism and culture, therefore being able to prepare my students with more than just the language, by actually getting them ready to integrate in English society.

I am currently teaching group and individual classes for Eastern Europeans and also Asians, due to the high demand brought by an increased influx of immigrants in the Uk.

Learning with me is thorough and professional but also fun and relaxed.

My promise to you is that, within a couple of months you would be able to improve your language .

Contact: greyfinch@live.com