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Teacher of English via Skype


All levels of English.

English language skype teacher

Joined skypeLearn: 04 / 06 / 2019


Skype Teacher : Nicole

Language: English
[ also speaks Spanish ]

Language speciality:
All levels of English from beginner to advanced.

Nationality: USA

English lessons via Skype cost per hour:
Euro 13 for 1 lesson,
Euro 120 for 10 lessons,
Euro 250 for 20 lessons,

Offers 15 minute free introductory course.


My name is Nicole and I'm from New York City.
Teaching English is my passion and I look forward to
working with all of you. I am fluent in Spanish so I
can easily communicate in this language should
there be any difficulties.

I can teach all levels of English from beginner to advanced.
I have very flexible hours from Monday to Friday.
If those days are not possible, I am willing to do the weekends when I can.
I offer a free 15 minute introductory course so I can
get to know the student, find out the level of English
and create an appropriate course.

All files will be PDF and there is no need
to purchase any extra materials.