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English language Skype teacher



English language skype teacher

Joined skypeLearn: 01 / 11 / 2016


Skype teacher: Ildi

Languages: English
[ also speaks Slovak and Hungarian ]

Language speciality:
from beginner to advanced level, communication,
grammar, general English, business English

English lessons via Skype cost :
€ 12 per 50 minutes 


I have been teaching English for 21 years, students from beginners to advanced, aged 5-65, in both, state and private language schools.

I was also trained by London Teacher Training College where I gained TEFL Certificate

I have a management and business background due to running my own language school.

I have experience of interpreting and translating documents,
CVs and preparing for job interviews.

As English language is my passion, I enjoy teaching, I am patient and try to adjust to students' individual needs.
Most of all I realize, how important communication is.

I offer a free 30-minute introductory lesson.
Looking forward to seeing you as my future student

Contact: itothova1@gmail.com