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teach languages using skype
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How to learn a
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To become a Skype
language teacher go here












To become a Skype
language teacher go here














To become a Skype
language teacher go here


Become a freelance Skype language teacher.

If you can teach a language to foreign students,
then through SkypeLearn.com you can get language students from all over the world.
All you have to do is to add your teaching profile to our skypelearn directory.

Advantages of teaching languages using skype ?

teach from home or anywhere
teach students from all over the world
no travel costs to a language school
or to private homes
no time spent in travelling to lessons
no costs in renting out school premises
teach at any time that you like
teach as often or as little as you want
teach a group of students via Skype conference calls
don't need to wear a tie
smoke whilst teaching

What do I need to teach via skype ?

If you already use Skype then you
don't need anything else.

Otherwise you need:
An internet connection

To be able to listen / hear audio.
Either via your computer speakers or headphones.

To be able to speak through your computer.
Either via the internal microphone or via an external microphone. [ both headphones and an external microphone can be bought for about 5 to 10 euro ]

Language textbook - you use the language text books you have always used and just get your students to get one too so that you and student have the same teaching and learning material in front of you when using Skype.

A webcam is not necessary.
[ most of skype teachers and skype students prefer NOT to use a webcam, because the student concentrates on the language text book and a webcam is only a distraction - and slows down the connection ]

How much can I earn teaching
a language via Skype ?

This depends entirely on you and the student.
You set your hourly lesson price, the student
contacts you and pays you the agreed
price, for 5 or 10 or even 20 lessons in advance,
and then you start teaching.

Don't forget that you can also do conference
calls with Skype where you can teach more
than one student at a time.

But even if you have just 1 student per hour,
and say you charge 10 euros per hour, if you
do 5 hours a day that makes 50 Euro per
day teaching a language.
Which is probably better than not teaching at all.
Or it makes a good supplement
to your other earnings.


Why would I want to include my
language teacher profile on skypelearn ?

Because our website has the visibility and reach
to worldwide skype students who are looking for
skype language teachers.

You probably found us via Google, and so
do students looking for Skype teachers.

If you now have only a few private students why not have many more from all over the world ?
And all from the comfort of your living room.

We offer three Skypelearn plan options through which you can start getting language students worldwide.


Can you help me get started teaching English ?

Take our 3 hour course for teachers and become an English language teacher.

[ you do not have to take our course to open a profile here on SkypeLearn but may find it useful ]

If you intend to teach English, but have little experience, or even no experience at all, or do not know which is the best course to use for Skype Teaching - we can help.

For teaching English over Skype the best language course is the New English File [NEF] series from Oxford University press.

And this course can be taught even by people who have never taught English before.

Not only is NEF an up-to-date modern English language course, and a standard used by English language schools worldwide, it is also available worldwide in most good bookshops and both you
and your students can obtain the books easily.

We offer a 3 hour course [ over skype ] in which we can teach you how to use NEF to teach English.

For absolute novices, our three hour course on how to teach New English File is a very useful starting point
and you will be able to teach English after the course.

Mainly to help you understand how to use both the teacher's book and the student's book to teach the English language professionally.

Sounds like magic ?
Not really, the NEF language course books include:
Student's books, work books and also the Teacher's books.

The teacher's books include and offer instructions a teacher needs on how to teach the actual student's book.

But it can be confusing for novices, and takes quite a while to figure it all out and to master teaching NEF.

Also, in our course we teach basic English language techniques, student management, how to create a timetable, suggestions on how and when to get paid by your students.

Basically we teach you how to run your own private language school.

For experienced teachers our NEF course for teachers may be useful if you have never taught NEF up to now.

We also show you the best way to get perfect audio via Skype when playing the New English File student's book audio to students.
Not as easy as it sounds.

Obviously, you should be fluent in the English language but do not need to know how to explain English grammar to start teaching English.

Also, those who take our NEF course for teachers will get a 1 year free profile here on SkypeLearn

You can order our 3 hour NEF
starter course for Skype teachers here.


OPTIONAL email for Skype teachers:
We can also set you up with a skypelearn.com
email account if you do not wish to use your
own private email account.
Example -  janeskypeteacher@skypelearn.com

This way you can monitor how many students
contact you through SkypeLearn - but you can
also do that creating your own specific email
account elsewhere.

How can I become a skype teacher ?

Immediately if you like.

To become a Skype language teacher go here


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If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist or a health worker, and would
like to learn medical English, to be able to work in English speaking countries in the
medical sector then you can also take medical English courses via skype



Anyone can teach English, no TEFL, no language teaching certificates nor any university degrees needed.
All you need are the New English File course books and a 3 hour course via Skype on how to use them.
Become an English language teacher sooner than trying to spell ABRAKADABRA backwards.

New English File course for teachers