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About SkypeLearn

The Concept:

SkypeLearn is a very simple language teaching and learning concept
based on using Skype to learn and teach languages.

In a nutshell, any language teacher can use Skype to teach
languages to students from all over the world.

The actual idea of using Skype for language learning and teaching is nothing new.
People have been learning and teaching languages using skype for the past
few years since broadband and the Skype service have gained ground worldwide.

www.skypelearn.com, started by a team of professional language teachers,
strives to join the dots.

The SkypeLearn platform gives worldwide language teachers the opportunity
in getting language students from anywhere in the world, and vice versa,
SkypeLearn offers students worldwide an easy option of finding their language teacher.

And all from your own home or office.

For language teachers it is an opportunity to get students from farther
than your local town, and the same goes for students.

SkypeLearn eliminates the usual language-school-courses hassle
for both the teacher and student.

No travel, no specific timetables, learn and teach whenever from wherever.

If both student and teacher use the same teaching and learning material / course book,
then there is no difference between teaching or learning a language in a language school classroom and teaching / learning a language using Skype from home.

It just cannot get easier and in this case the world really is your oyster.

For people who are fluent in English but have never taught the English
language we offer a 3 hour course via Skype, where you can learn to use
the New English File course books, and learn to teach English with confidence.
You do not need TELF or university degrees to teach English.
Check out the NEF course for teachers here




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If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist or a health worker, and would
like to learn medical English, to be able to work in English speaking countries in the
medical sector then you can also take medical English courses via skype



Anyone can teach English, no TEFL, no language teaching certificates nor any university degrees needed.
All you need are the New English File course books and a 3 hour course via Skype on how to use them.
Become an English language teacher sooner than trying to spell ABRAKADABRA backwards.

New English File course for teachers