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learn languages using skype
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How to teach a
language using skype


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Advantage of learning
languages using skype

Skype learning is a flexible method for language learning for those who do not want to, or cannot regularly attend a language school.
You can basically use Skype to learn a language from anywhere and at any time and all depends on the teacher and the student.



How much does 1 hour of learning
a language via Skype cost ?

Skype teachers usually charge from
5 to 15 euro per hour.



What do I need to learn via skype ?

If you already use Skype then you
don't need anything else.

Otherwise you need:
An internet connection

To be able to listen / hear audio.
Either via your computer speakers or headphones.

To be able to speak through your computer.
Either via the internal microphone or via an external microphone. [ both headphones and an external microphone can be bought for about 5 to 10 euro ]

Course textbook - your Skype teacher will advise you which language textbook to use.

A webcam is not necessary.
[ webcams are a gimmick and tend only to distract.
The student needs to concentrate on the language textbook and to listen to the teacher ... non need for webcams which also tend to slow down the connection ]

How can I find a Skype language teacher

Go to our Skype language teachers directory and find a Skype language teacher.

Each Skype teachers has his or her details in their SkypeLearn details page and also their prices and contact details.

Contact the teacher and make arrangements
between yourselves.

Our services are free for students.
[ teachers pay 55 Euros annually for their profiles ]

Using Skype to learn a language is the future of language learning and you can learn a language from the comfort of your living room or office.



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If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist or a health worker, and would
like to learn medical English, to be able to work in English speaking countries in the
medical sector then you can also take medical English courses via skype


Anyone can teach English, no TEFL, no language teaching certificates nor any university degrees needed.
All you need are the New English File course books and a 3 hour course via Skype on how to use them.
Become an English language teacher sooner than trying to spell ABRAKADABRA backwards.

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